Wesley's First Project Bike

Hi, I'm Vernon and my son is Wesley.
It started with:

  • OCC/American Choppers

  • Lonestar Biker Bash 2004

  • Meeting Denny Garley, TC Customs

  • this picture.
  • Denny showed us this chopper on the internet. The picture came from the Redneck Engineering website. Thanks RE. Along with this picture, we had about a two hour "humbling" conversation with Denny. It took me almost 2 weeks to pull my balls out and say, yep we can still do this. For those of you have not done this, think long and hard, YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU DON'T KNOW!!!
    For the frame being the "canvas" of our creation, I cannot thank Denny enough for steering us towards this frame. In the end, its dimensions and stout construction will yield a high quality product. As you can see from the other parts we've bought so far, they are from the main players in the industry.

    TC Customs/Denny Garley

    Award Winning Bike

    1st Place & Best Of Show

    Lonestar Biker Bash 2004

    We ordered most of the parts for a rolling chassis:
  • Frame/oil tank/rear fender from Redneck Engineering; 4"up; 5" stretch; 40 deg rake

  • Warlock wheels, RC Components

  • Avon Tires, 80/90-21" front / 250/40-18" rear

  • Front Brake Rotor, Warlock, RC Components

  • 6 Deg Rake Triple Trees/Forks-6"over, Mean Street Products

  • 5" stretch Independent Gas Tank

  • Rear sprocket/rotor/caliper-Exile Cycles
  • Oh yea, we built a rollaround stand; hope it holds up.
  • And parts started coming in. Some needed a little work, more on that later.
    The Fun Begins.

    Oil tank hole pattern did not match frame, hence extra hole for fitting.

    Right Side-Before Left Side-Before
    Having the left side and right side being different, we thought it was odd. After contacting Redneck Engineering, they said it was that way by design but did not know why. Sure enough, after looking at Rick Fairless Tattoo bike and Donny Smith Redneck Rocket, the oil tank is not symetrical.
    Well, we welded a small triangular tab on the left side and grinded smooth. Now the sides are at least closer to symetry.
    Left Side-After

    Notice only one fork installed. One of the forks top was not threaded properly. Mean Street Products was great. They recognized and knew of the problem. They immediately sent us a new top.

    A ton more work, but we wanted to get a sneek peak at the look and feel of the rolling chassis. Awesome look.

    Time for some fabrication!!
    Tank brackets, fabricating backbone fin and rib for molding in the tank. Top of backbone still needs to be done. After "effing-up" 2-3 times on each piece, hours and hours of work, this is still just roughed in, lots of welding and cleanup left to do. ITS GREAT!!

    We're Back.
    After a little hiatis, we started cleaning the welds. Then decided it was way too early for that. We struggled with handle bar design, finally decided on Custom Cycle Conrols, Pro-Street. We ordered the drive train parts as well:

  • Revtech 110

  • BDL 3" Open Belt Drive

  • Revtech 6-Speed Transmission

  • Dyna-Coils and Cyril Huze Coil Mount

  • Milwaukee Iron Front Fender

  • Eddie Trotta Front and Foot Controls

  • too many more peripherals to list

  • It was fun, let us put a few more parts on....BUT....
    I think we ordered parts to justify our lack of progress on the frame work. We finally "settled" on just welding straight sheetmetal between the frame and rear fender. WEAK!! Even that took forever, many tries, and our seat pan no longer fit right.
    We did take care of a few items with the parts; spacers, initial rear wheel alignment and final placement of rear fender placement.

    A few pictures of what we did.

    Cutting off fender mount, point of no return.

    A change in direction with Steve from Finishline Collision to the rescue. Steve owns Finishline collision, a paint and body shop. He built and painted his custom bike. After a few hours of working with Steve, he gave us the confidence that we can do just about anything we wanted to do.

    We can do this....AND DID!!!

    Ok, A long story, short...bike done


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    for more details, price and contact info.

    I know you did not find this webpage looking for choppers, but I hope it offered you a nice, quick break from your work.
    Now, please, go back to the home page and find the parts you would like to buy. Also, if you have the time, I would appreciate any comments you have regarding our site. Please contact us with your comments.

    Thanks for using Fastening Concepts for your fastening and MRO needs, checking out my son's project, and any comments your may have.

    Vernon and Wes Dede